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Heidee Nytes Spanks Babysitter Gianna Love Box Cover
Approximate Running Time: 00:29:05
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    Hell hath no fury like Heidee’s scorn! Husband Dave is getting awfully cozy with the babysitter, Gianna Love! It seems that they may be planning a little "Netflix & Chill," now that Gianna has sent the away to the movies with her boyfriend. But just as things are about the heat up, Dave's wife, the redheaded domestic disciplinarian Heidee Nytes, returns home from shopping. Heidee is immediately inquisitive about where everyone is, and about her husband's interest in the babysitter. After questioning Gianna, Heidee decides that she needs to be taught a lesson, with a good, hard, over the knee spanking! Gianna is to take her pants down, as Heidee takes Gianna over her knee and delivers a hard spanking over the panties. Dave watches from the other side of the room, uncomfortable at first, as Heidee continues her battering on Gianna's tiny buttocks! Soon, Heidee takes down Gianna's panties, and spanks her bare ass red! Dave continues to watch, and is getting increasingly turned on by what he's seeing. Gianna begins to beg for mercy when Heidee reaches to grab a hair brush. Sadistically, Heidee beats on Gianna's bare bottom, as purple bruises begin to form! Heidee bends Gianna over a kitchen stool, and begins to spank Gianna with a wooden spoon! The sickening slaps against Gianna's bruised butt make her cry out! And just when she thought it was over, Heidee cracks a leather belt across her backside. Repeatedly whipping Gianna's red and purple ass, causing her to cry out for Heidee to stop! When Heidee finally stops, she decides let Gianna know that if you're going to flirt with her husband, you better not leave him with blue balls! Heidee orders her husband take his pants down, and then orders Gianna to suck his cock! Gianna's mood changes drastically, revealing her true intentions all along. She happily and greedily takes Dave's cock into her mouth and gives him a wet, sloppy blowjob! Dave moans as Gianna slobbers all over his hard dick, her hands and his cock dripping with spit. Finally, Dave blows his load across Gianna's perky, tiny tits, as she smiles with glee at a job well done!
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    Cast & Stars: Heidee Nytes Spanks Babysitter Gianna Love

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