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The Master Is Not Amused Box Cover
Stars: ,
Approximate Running Time: 00:11:05
Released: 2009
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    Maggy is feeling very horny and thinking that she is all alone in the house, she puts a porn movie on her PC and settles down with a pack of cigarettes to enjoy the movie. She's so engrossed in the movie that she bearly notices Alex suddenly entering the room, but she soon realizes that he's there, when, without discussion, she feels the hand of her very shocked and angry boyfriend land sharply on her bottom! A blistering spanking across Maggy's bare bottom follows this initial surprise and to her dismay, she also feels the sting of Alex's cane as it swishes against her upturned cheeks. Maggy soon learns what happens to dirty girls who watch porn and smoke cigarettes!
    • Scene 1 - 11 mins 5 secs

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    Cast & Stars: The Master Is Not Amused

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