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At Evil Angel I wanted to create a situation where the directors could be rewarded for the hard work they put into creating their product. Here the directors make more money if their videos sell more. This is a great incentive for them to find new and better ways to make videos. All indications are that this system works very well. The tapes and DVD's that we make are the best selling in the business. Each one of our directors is unique in style and content, but similar in their commitment to create the best product possible.

In 1989, I started my own manufacturing company EVIL ANGEL to sell my own videos (By the way, the name Evil Angel comes from the fact that when I was stripping there was another guy in one of my shows named John. so this MC starting calling me Evil John to differentiate us. This was when I was doing Dracula and chains. At the same time I had a girl friend who called herself Angel when she did strip shows. She was a very nasty girl and I suggested that she call herself Evil Angel. She didn't, but I loved the name and wound up using it for my company.) In the middle of that first year as a manufacturer I wanted to take a break from the difficult videos I was producing, and make an easier one to fill in for the slow summer months. So I came up with this Idea of putting myself in the movie as the cameraman, and I wanted to do this buns fetish video. I've always loved asses, but you know the more I've gotten into the Buttman character the more and more I've come to be totally obsessed with them!

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