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Your Choice Productions

YOUR CHOICE The Robin Hood of British Pornography.

Operating from Amsterdam, everyone’s favorite city of sin, the British expats of Your Choice have brought adult material to the discerning UK customer by mail order for over 20 years.

The history of Your Choice Productions is rooted in the company’s oldest product line, Your Choice Viewers’ Wives. In 1994, Your Choice started organizing monthly home video contests by inviting ordinary people to send in genuine, homemade sex videos. These videos were then compiled into 2-hour plus shows and featured every variety of solo females, couples, and group scenes. A cash prize was awarded to the "Wife of the Show" for the best scene. The result far exceeded expectations. Your Choice Operations Manager, Jay said, "We received so much material from enthusiastic couples we could barely keep up. The customer response was equally enthusiastic. The Viewers’ Wives series has proved to be one of our most popular lines. The scenes just keep getting better and better. Our 53rd volume is now in production.

Most of the Viewer's Wives scenes are 'one time only' contributions from customers who wish to fulfill a fantasy. However, many have contributed to more than one edition. Some have even used the series as a springboard to become established producers in their own right. The most famous of these is Terry "One Eyed Jack" Stephens who, along with Your Choice, produced several popular films like Backdoor Raiders and Hard Days at the Orifice. Terry has since formed his own UK distribution company and is currently on of the UK's most popular director.

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