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  1. Sklaven Der Lust
Inflagranti Film Berlin

Inflagranti produces high quality S/M and fetish productions ("Black Line") as well as reality sex series and general hardcore ("Red Line"). The series "Fetish Zone," "Projekt: Fetisch," and "Schwarze Flamme Silverline" (S/M) belong to the most popular productions of their kind in Europe. The innovative series "Machine Sex" and "Stahlhart" (“Hard as Steel”) are also part of the Inflagranti Black Line.

The Inflagranti Red Line offers adult entertainment for every taste: From Public Sex to authentic Gang Bang action ("Arena"-series), from the Live Sex Show "Popp oder Hopp" to premium HC-movies. Also available in the Inflagranti Red Line: Our new glamour series "Stars in Private" featuring Germany's and Europe's most popular HC-Stars such as Sharon da Vale, Angelique, and Salma de Nora.

Inflagranti Film Berlin stands for top quality in-house productions, innovation, and product diversity. Founded in 1997, the label soon gained attention through its HC shootings from the Berlin Love Parade and other “documentaries with sexual content” from Germany’s capital. Authentic Reality Sex on the one hand, and premium fetish and S/M productions on the other hand are still our trademarks.

All films are original German productions made by Inflagranti and a product of genuine teamwork. Every stage of the work process – from the intitial idea to the shooting, from the cover design to the distribution and shipping of the merchandise – is in the hands of our associates.

In the past years, Inflagranti has been awarded several Venus Awards. Most recently, Inflagranti's star Jana Bach has won the award as "Best Newcomer" at the Venus 2005 in Berlin. Other popular HC-stars who frequently work with Inflagranti are Sharon da Vale, Salma de Nora, Maria Mia, Janine La Teen, and Angélique.

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Sklaven Der Lust

Video: Sklaven Der Lust

6 Ratings
Release Year: 2007
Date Added: 2018-03-29

Bizarre fetish at its finest, slaves of lust… the story is like a nightmare, a . . .


Domina Sessions - Dominas & Sklavias

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These dominatrix ladies know how to makes someone their slave: by treating them to . . .


Domina Sessions - Domina Hera & Lady K.

Video: Domina Sessions - Domina Hera & Lady K.

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She inflicts acts of humiliation, of anguish, of subjugation. Her expertise with . . .


Fetish-Zone: Latex - Bizarre Latex - Lesben

Video: Fetish-Zone: Latex - Bizarre Latex - Lesben

56 Ratings

Holy crap the girls in this film are insanely fucking hot. And to top it off, the . . .


Schwarze Flamme Silverline 8 - Extralektionen

Video: Schwarze Flamme Silverline 8 - Extralektionen

35 Ratings

This German movie has a collection of very kinky people! There is punishment of . . .