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    Six very hot Sorority Sisters must be spanked and paddled as part of the house code. Great bottoms, a real variety. Staring Smokin' Mary Jane, Sybil G, Venus, Alicia Silver, Lilith, and Clare Fonda. This is a short and sexy video full of cute young girls and their tight little bottoms!
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    Comments on Sorority Initiation

    Editor's Review

    I was definitely NOT a sorority girl in college. Way too rebellious. Perhaps I needed a firm, forceful hand like Clare Fonda to discipline me. The girls in "Sorority Initiation" had been terrible pledges, but thankfully, one sister cared enough to give them each a chance to own up to her failings & accept the consequences. The girls rise to the occasion -- I'm sure any sorority would be proud to induct these dedicated pledges!

    The scene opens with a bang: two radiantly naked chicks, casually sitting in their room, just talking about how tired they are, so busy with pledging but it's worth it, blah blah. They announce it's time to get ready, and start putting on clothes. The tall brunette dons sheer red panties while her auburn-haired buddy wriggles into a white tank top, and then they keep putting stuff on till they're totally clothed -- like a strip-tease in reverse!

    The girls take their time, chatting idly... it's all very natural. Next, they're joined by four other girls around a table. Everyone's flipping thru books & yawning from studying so hard. Someone brings up a rumor that their final night of pledging, the sisters will take down the big paddle that hangs in their initiation room and use it on them. Disbelief ripples thru the group as another pledge insists, "It's not just a prop!" They'll find out soon enough.

    I have to say something now about the sound. It is just awful! I can barely hear what the girls are saying. Very frustrating! However, once the spankings got going, I kinda forgot about not hearing words and instead found myself captivated by this invigorating girl-on-girl, over-the-knee action!

    After the pledge paddle conversation, a new scene opens with one of the girls, a pretty brunette in a tight red sweater, apologizing for being a lame pledge and pleading that she'll "do anything" to get into the sorority. Her sister tells her she'll give her a break, instructs her to take off her skirt & panties, and lie across her lap. "You need to be really strong for me..." she advises.

    I love this sorority sister's demeanor, so curt & direct & assured. She delivers her spankings very firmly, really whacks each cheek in turn with hard, rhythmic force. She goads her pledge to thank her for the first few smacks, and then settles into a rapid tempo that causes both of them strain. Before long, Sorority Sister is outta breath, as her pledge winces & whimpers in a cute, squeaky voice that could've been a bit louder (but it was still nice).

    Fine use of camera angles, too -- we're never far from a nice close-up of rosy cheeks! Pledge's butt is almost as red as her sweater by the time Sorority Sister tells her she's getting her final ten, super-hard spanks. After each one, the pledge is to thank her & ask for another. This keeps up for about six smacks, and then it's clear Sorority Sister has lost track. "Six!" her pledge reminds her, but the spanking continues waaaaaay past ten smacks.

    That excellent spanking is followed by another! The auburn-haired cutie from our opening scene has been called before Sorority Sister, who tells her she hasn't been a good pledge. Sister is especially disappointed because this pledge showed such promise at the start of Hell Week, but she hasn't been on the ball lately, has gotten several demerits, etc.

    Sister seems to be particularly relishing her power over this girl, who apologizes out the wazoo and swears to try harder. Their back-and-forth, here, is quite nice! I love the look on Sister's face when she explains how she's gonna try "this thing..." with the pledge (which is, of course, a spanking!). She tells the girl to pull down her panties & skirt, get over her knee... She warns, "It's gonna be pretty hard," and she's not kidding!

    Once again, she delivers a very firm, deliberate spanking. This girl's butt is tighter, more golden. Her cheeks blush a deeper shade than the last girl's, and you can really see the outline of Sorority Sister's hand, very cool. This chick isn't terribly vocal or expressive as she's spanked, though. Every so often, she sighs or pants a little... just enough to let us know she's feeling it. Finally, this spanking wraps up with 20 extra-firm spanks (at least Sorority Sister counts correctly this time!).

    At this point in the movie, I'm thinking: Sexy chicks, hot action -- super! The movie synopsis says that SIX girls will get punished, so I was expecting four more of these excellent, disciplinarian-type spankings, right?

    Wrong! L

    The final scene is tantalizing but ultimately unsatisfying: the pledge who stands before Sorority Sister next is a Betty Page look-alike who defiantly talks back when she's told her shorts are too slutty. She tells Sister that her family's given too much money to the school for her to be talked to like that. Oh no she didn't! Sister informs her she can't just waltz into the sorority because her parents donate money. Sister will let her in, but only on HER terms...

    I was on the edge of my seat, waiting to see this bitchy-but-beautiful little tart get her comeuppance. But no! The clip ended, and I never got to see this pledge's beautiful ass tanned by Sister. And I never got to see the rest of the pledge class's punishments, either. How disappointing, cause these are quality spankings that I wish could've gone on even longer.

    Still, a very enjoyable spanking movie. If you're in the mood for some hot young coed discipline, Sorority Initiation certainly is worth checking out.