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The Spanking Game


Video: The Spanking Game

Leah and her boyfriend are playing an innocent game of cribbage. Leah states the . . .

28 Ratings

Carol's Second Spanking


Video: Carol's Second Spanking

The morning after we taped "Carol's First Spanking," Carol had a few hours before . . .

Stars: ,

37 Ratings

Carol's First Spanking


Video: Carol's First Spanking

Carol knew she needed a spanking and she found some local guys to spank her, but . . .

Stars: ,

51 Ratings

Leah Gets Spanked To Tears


Video: Leah Gets Spanked To Tears

This is for real! Leah is BACK! She hadn't had a good spanking in a long time, and . . .


25 Ratings

Mike Spanks Leah


Video: Mike Spanks Leah

So we told Mike to really give it to her!

He uses his hand, hairbrush, cane,

. . .

Stars: ,

17 Ratings

Spanking Kathy


Video: Spanking Kathy

Watch as this beautiful young flower blossoms into an obedient woman. Kathy has always . . .


151 Ratings

The Spanking Party


Video: The Spanking Party

This video shows REAL EROTIC SPANKING and SEX!! When three women, all in their forties, . . .

32 Ratings

Three Spanked Black Girls


Video: Three Spanked Black Girls

All three get spanked hard! They wiggle their booties around like they're going out . . .

37 Ratings

Mike Spanks Ciadra


Video: Mike Spanks Ciadra

Mike gives Ciadra the spanking of her LIFE!! And it really hurts!! He uses his hand, . . .

Stars: ,

24 Ratings

Leah, Ciadra, And Mike


Video: Leah, Ciadra, And Mike

Mike spanks Leah and Ciadra, taking turns, 20 swats at a time. First each girl gets . . .

19 Ratings
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